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Save precious time with EMS training

A 3-hour workout in just 20 minutes

8 muscle groups

Activate multiple muscle groups simultaneously

20 minutes EMS

Equals 3 hours of conventional weight training at the gym

515 calories

Burnt after one EMS training

What is EMS training?

EMS stands for Electro Musculair Stimulation. This is a technology which stimulates muscles maximally through impulses.

An EMS training is a combination of EMS and resistance exercises based on your bodyweight (i.e. calisthenics), where you train

multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Fit & Fast EMS training

EMS training professional


Personal guidence by a physiotherapist/personal trainer

EMS training without waiting

No Waiting 

By appointment only

EMS training full body workout

Full Body Workout 

Work and tone every muscle in your body

EMS training get in shape fast

Lift and Tone

Tighten your skin (lift effect) and improve body contours

EMS training beat injury

Fight Injuries

Target and strengthen specific problem areas

EMS training goals focused

Goals focused

Every workout is based on your personal goal

You are in expert hands, because most of our personal trainers are also physiotherapists.

Real attention devoted to you, because each workout is with 2 people max.

Workouts tailored to your personal goal.

What our customers say about EMS training

"EMS has given me a better shape and more energy" 

Desiree Arts


"I am in better health and shape as a result of EMS by Fit & Fast."

Stephan Heuvelmans


"EMS is an efficient training to work against aging effects on your body."

Anne-Mieke Achterhuis


Try EMS training!

Maximum results in no time?

Book a trial session and experience an EMS training for yourself.

Try EMS Training

EMS training Case Studies

EMS training: effective and proven!

Is EMS effective? Definitely! Unlike conventional workouts, you train 8 muscle groups simultaneously, don’t strain joints, and is possible even if you have an injury. What’s more, 90% over your muscle tissue is addressed instead of (just) 50%.

Is it proven? Yes! Otherwise top athletes like Usain Bolt and Roger Federer would not use EMS. Should you be interested in the science behind EMS, you can read more here.

EMS training: what to expect

You may be a bit apprehensive about trying an EMS training. No fear! It is entirely safe and the intensity of each session is determined by you. The way to describe it best is as if you’re working out with tight wetsuit on.

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Trial session solo: €10

Trial session duo: €20

Member 1 training per week: from €99 per month

Member 2 training sessions per week: from €176 per month

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