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Personal trainer

Berend (1987) is not only a personal trainer at Fit & Fast, but as a head trainer he also trains a hockey team. Berend has a "not talking but doing mentality". Clients who are looking for a heavy training should not look further. Even if you are not sporty, his training and coaching make you become sporty.

EMS ensures that customers get more endurance and develop more muscle strength. This is thanks to reaching deeper muscle fibers, which you cannot reach with conventional training. An EMS training lasts only 20 minutes, with 4 seconds of effort and 4 seconds of relaxation. Also during the moments of rest your body continues to "sport".

As a personal trainer, he thinks it's great to train clients and let them leave with a satisfied feeling. But he gets the most satisfaction when the client achieves his or her personal goal.

"I am very structured”

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