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Personal trainer

Job (1993) has successfully completed CIOS Sport, Health & Leisure Management and has recently obtained international recognition as a personal trainer through the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). He specializes in strength training.

In addition to his training, he also wants to teach his clients anatomical knowledge to understand why certain exercises or training forms are done. His focus during training is on the correction of posture, muscle building and losing weight.

He finds it very nice to see that after a few weeks of training, clients come more confident to training compared to the first time. They move more easily, have a better balance, more energy and an increase in strength. They feel visibly fitter and stronger.

Even clients with disabilities can train at high intensity with EMS because it relieves joints and surrounding muscles. The weak muscles are triggered in a responsible way, making them stronger and more stable.

“I have been a hardstyle, hardcore and techno fan since I was seventeen”

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