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Personal trainer (almost physiotherapist)

Pim (1988) lives in Haarlem and almost graduated as a physiotherapist. His focus during an EMS training is on the correct way of exercising by the client; he likes to take on the challenge with you.

As a trainer, he helps you reach your goals by going out of your comfort zone and move up your potential. He encourages you and shows you precisely every exercise. After a few weeks you will get better at the exercises which gives him a kick as well.

The result after a few weeks of training is more muscle, strength and endurance. EMS triggers deeper muscle fibers that you cannot reach with conventional training.

EMS is a very responsible way of training because every client receives their own training with a customized intensity and exercises. The great thing about EMS is that everyone can do it and everyone will reach great results.

"Steak? Give it to me; I get a six pack from that”

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