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Personal trainer

Veronika (1987), one of the two female trainers, loves sports and knows what training and achieving goals is. She has been a professional swimmer, now she is a personal trainer with a focus on EMS and yoga. She is a true all-round trainer, specialized in combining different training styles from boxing, yoga and fitness.

As a personal trainer, she pays close attention to the execution of the exercise, your posture and the movements you make. She gives an optimum training with your trainingsgoal in mind.

Veronika also trains with the Bodytec to understand how the exercises she uses in her own training feel for her clients.

With EMS the feeling of training is "deep" and lasts longer than with a regular strength training. She believes this is a big plus of training with the Bodytec; clients achieve faster results in a shorter period of time. EMS provides exhaustion at a deeper muscle level. That is the power of these trainings.

“I love shoes; I have more than 100 pairs"

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