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What would you like to achieve at Fit & Fast?

Experience what an EMS (Bodytec) training can do for you by booking a trial session with one of our personal trainers at one of our locations in Amsterdam or Haarlem.

If there is no Fit & Fast location near you, we will gladly connect you with another studio closer to you.

Amsterdam Zuid

Amsterdam Oost


Trial session with a Bodytec studio in The Netherlands

Fit & Fast not close to you? Don't worry!
We are in contact with all Bodytec studios in The Netherlands.

What can you expect from your trial workout?


Your personal trainer will welcome you and explain the basics. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. 

Get ready

You get ready by changing into an EMS outfit. Your personal trainer will make sure the EMS gear fits snugly and comfortably.


Your personal trainer will guide you through a light-intensive workout with resistance exercises.

`Cool down

Short evaluation of the workout, with a cool-down. Afterwards, you can freshen up/shower, and you’ll leave feeling like you just did a 3-hour workout in 20 minutes!

What our customers say

"This 30-minute training at Fit & Fast suits my busy schedule."

"The idea of having a 3 hour gym session does not attract and motivate me."

Sylvia van Schie


"I am in better health and shape as a result of EMS with Fit & Fast."

"Fit & Fast distinguishes itself by the personal approach and interest in maximizing results."

Stephan Heuvelmans


"I have a fitter (and more beautiful) body."

"EMS is an efficient training to work against aging effects on your body."

Anne Mieke Achterhuis